Religion, is the opiate of the masses;

Karl Marx: ended the struggle of the classes.

He is enemy to many; and Buddha to some;

He would influence, many leaders to come.

The world he envisioned, almost came true;

From his thoughts, communism grew.

His ideas at the time, were very funny;

Imagine a world, without any money!

Marx was intelligent, and extremely wise;

Workers of the world, he told them to rise!

Slowly, his concepts began to spread;

His works, are among the most widely read.

Marx’s utopia, would never arrive;

Some, however, wanted to revive,

And put to the test, his socialist plan;

Only a century, would his legacy span.

An avid atheist; he was against theism;

A philosopher, who created socialism.

On his deathbed, when asked for a word;

He said a sentence, the last thing ever heard.

It was to get something, out of his endless strife;

“Last words are for people, who haven’t said anything in life.”


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