On Yesterday

I like my mornings with a little Lemon (Liz) and a LOT of coffee. Well, not too much coffee. I don’t want a repeat of last Wednesday’s English class. Two hours of feeling like a sweaty, jittery crazy person. Two cup limit, now and forever.

I spent my Saturday playing wiffleball with my niece and nephew, using old frisbees we found in the faux wishing well as bases. Oh, it was fun. I take back whatever bad things I said about baseball as a child. Ivan’s actually not bad and his angry batting face is something I hope I never forget. Stevie would rather be reading a book, but she humored us. Even Preacherman across the street let it be known that he enjoyed our front yard silliness.

I always forget how much I love those weekend family dinners. John and Boog outside, doing yard work or repairing some contraption. Mom and my older sister in the kitchen with the baby. Stevie, Ivan and their cousin Autumn running in one door and out the other, squealing and giggling. I love that house. I love my people.


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