When I Can’t Sleep: Gratitude List.

I feel like feeling warm and fuzzy.
I’m grateful for being born into a family that loves and supports me (quite literally on the latter part.) I’m grateful for my kind papa/roommate. I’m grateful for the many chances I’ve had at education.  I’m grateful to be tall enough to locate people easily in department stores. I’m grateful for wonderful-smelling lotions and shampoos and body washes. I’m grateful that I can spend so much time with my nieces and nephew. I’m grateful that the internet is a thing in 2013. I’m grateful for Pasquale’s garlic bread, however rarely I get to consume it. I’m grateful for the time I’ve had in the last year to really figure myself out. I’m grateful for tribal patterns and, you know what– PINK. I’m grateful for the tulips next to the wishing well (and the gnome) in my mother’s front yard. I’m grateful for a/c. I’m grateful for this country. I’m grateful for being so, so well loved.

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