Fall Things

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Leaves changing colors, crisp air, eventually SNOW. I actually love September through New Year’s– January and February are too dreary and sad, post-Christmas lull I guess, so I cannot love winter quite as much. Fall makes me want to bake all the things, drink pumpkin infused beverages and apple cider and hot chocolate, wear boots and cozy cardigans and giant scarves, wander outside with the kiddos, and listen to NORAH JONES. (No better fall music, period.) Nothing compares to fall for me. And the AIR, that cool, crisp air.

Fall To-Do List:

1. Sit around a fire with my sweet family, toasting marshmallows and drinking fancy seasonal beer.
2. Shopping spree in Christiansburg to find the perfect coat and a scarf and new shoes, which I so desperately need.
4. Pumpkin patch hayride.
5. Wander around among changing leaves.
6. Bake all the pumpkin things.
7. Beautiful WV backroads with the babies and a good fall playlist.
8. Halloween movie marathon, also with the short people.
9. Dress up and go out for Halloween, which I have not done in years.

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